Top Five Things to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

May 17, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Tips

Top Five Things to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

An exceptional digital marketing agency can be the secret ingredient to your company’s success, but how do you know what to look for with so many digital advertising agencies available? From an agency’s design portfolio to their client satisfaction track record, it’s essential that you dig into the research in several key areas before making your selection. A thorough evaluation of all of the digital advertising agencies you are considering can be the key to choosing the right one for your business.


#1. Define Your Objectives and Verify That Their Services Align

It’s critical that you know exactly what you’re looking for before you contract with a digital marketing agency. If you start the process without a clear idea of the services that your business needs, you are unlikely to be able to determine if digital marketing companies can even offer the right services. 

Meet with your team first to decide on which services you need, determine a budget, and define what you are looking to get out of the partnership. Whether it’s more likes on social media, a fresh new design for your website, SEO optimization, or increasing your CTR or conversion rate with Google ads, solidifying your objectives and goals is the best way to start. Once you are clear about what you’re looking for, you will be able to better evaluate the services offered by all digital marketing companies to see if they can meet your needs.


#2. Take a Careful Look at Their Portfolio

The best way to get a clear idea of the potential for what digital advertising agencies can create for your company, is to look at their past work. Reputable agencies will be more than willing to show you a portfolio of the collected work they have done. Ask to see websites they have designed, social media accounts they manage, and data-driven results such as case studies where they have been able to increase exposure and conversion rates for the businesses they work with.


#3. Check Their Vibe

Besides offering high-quality services and reasonable pricing, it’s essential that you choose a digital marketing agency that actually cares about their clients. It’s true that your success is their success financially when it comes to promoting your business, but you should also look for a company that values relationships over profit. Look for an agency who:

  • Has owners and managers who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the agency.
  • Is involved and invested in their local community.
  • Believes in and supports philanthropy to help nonprofit organizations and start-ups in their area.

An in-person consultation is best, but you can also tell a lot about an agency’s staff by how they treat you over the phone and if their demeanor is warm, welcoming, professional, and kind. 


#4. Assess Whether Their Pricing is Fair

Looking for the cheapest option offered by a digital marketing agency isn’t necessarily going to buy you the best quality advertising, but neither is it true that the most expensive agencies always offer the best services. It’s important to see if the pricing is fair, competitive with other agencies who offer similar services in the same area, and if the services provided are really worth the money you’re spending.

It is often necessary to put a considerable investment into advertising to get the results you desire, and reputable, digital advertising agencies can help you understand how ad dollars pay for themselves when invested correctly and strategically. 


#5. Read their Reviews

One of the easiest ways to evaluate digital advertising agencies’ reputations for high quality work, customer service, and success when it comes to helping companies achieve their goals is to read what other clients have to say about them! If the businesses they work with are happy with their services, believe their pricing is fair, and have positive things to say about the staff, it’s likely the agency is truly invested in building relationships with their clients and helping them grow their businesses. Professional digital marketing agencies proactively maintain relationships with their clients and continue to support them with website maintenance and other needs throughout the entire year. 


Why Pick Dedicated Designs When Choosing Between Digital Marketing Companies?

At Dedicated Designs we pride ourselves on providing the very best services paired with a friendly, professional customer experience, and a true dedication to the success of your company. Our staff knows the importance of exemplary communication skills,  organization, and timeliness. Not only that, but we believe in viewing companies as individuals to assess their needs, and take them on as clients only if we feel we can truly enhance their business with the services we offer. 


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