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May 3, 2024 | News

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One of the most important parts of the services we offer at Dedicated Designs, a marketing company in Northern California, is the opportunity to reflect on each project we complete through a comprehensive case study. As a Sacramento marketing agency, this allows us to receive feedback from each client we serve, evaluate our own effectiveness, and measure the impacts of the project from beginning to end.

Our ultimate goal is to enhance the success of our clients to build a richer, more diverse, and more successful range of companies and organizations from the Sacramento Valley to all of Northern California and beyond. The following four case studies represent a range of companies and nonprofits serving our local community. As a local Sacramento marketing agency, we are proud to have worked with each of them to offer customized services and provide them with data-driven optimizations to drive their missions toward greater success.

Bariani Olive Oil

Bariani Olive Oil company approached Dedicated Designs to take the rustic vibe of their website and give it a more refined aesthetic while also improving online ordering and user experience. We started by talking directly to their team to understand the new feel they wanted the site to have and then created a homepage that maintained the elegance of their old site while incorporating modern, inviting design elements. 

Because we wanted to enhance the site with more high quality images, we also partnered with KJ2 Productions, another local Sacramento  company, to take shots of their range of olive oil products. These were placed in a variety of locations on the new site and added an even more personalized and professional touch to the browsing and ordering process. 

For that process to function more efficiently, we also spent time revamping the online ordering system so that it was much more user friendly and intuitive. We chose to do this by moving the product information over to a WordPress site first. WordPress helped the system to maintain its own processes so that more features can be added in the future, and also integrated into the shipping partner’s system so that fulfilling orders is now easier than ever. We also implemented the Woocommerce platform where ordering, managing, and shipping the olive oil products is streamlined. 

The front end of the site was given a full face-lift as well, and we added features like drop down menus, clear copy, and easy-to-spot hyperlinks. Our team even added an interactive map feature so that customers could easily locate stores on the West Coast that sell Bariani Olive Oil. 

Finally, the backend of the website was upgraded during the move to WordPress so that security measures were added to protect customer data and spam and malware attacks can be prevented more easily. This enhanced security helps keep the site running smoothly day in and day out. 

ASC Training Center

Since 1928 the Auburn Ski Club has been instrumental in mentoring those interested in snow sports at Boreal Mountain Resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains. In 2023, we received a request at Dedicated Designs to create a front-end visual brochure website that would become a portal to their newly improved Customer Relations Management programming online. They challenged us to incorporate a sleek new design, while maintaining their current organizational structure – and our Sacramento marketing agency was up for the challenge. 

The site needed to be functional in a myriad of ways from communicating important updates to users, to providing information about a variety of programs and marketing those programs to the public. It also needed to include a user-friendly tool for team and program sign-ups. We aimed to improve their current site’s for navigability while updating the site to reflect a more modern style. 

Our process started with discussing these needs and expectations with the client and moved into both creative and practical planning at the same time. We addressed the need for organization on the site by segmenting it into four different activity sections encompassing Alpine, Biathlon, Nordic, and Snowboard. We continued open communication with the client throughout the entire process and included drop down functions along with a landing page for upcoming events; we also intentionally incorporated a design that was focused on positive user-experience. Hyperlinks were added to the footer to connect to social media platforms, safety documents, legal contracts, and other information on leadership and programming. 

We are proud to have reinvigorated their website making it much easier to use and visually appealing at the same time. The blend of functional aesthetics made for a brand new website that the ASC Training Center has been very pleased with. We went to great lengths to make sure that the new site was compatible with the CRM they were previously using and offered training so that users could continue to customize the site and add to it whenever needed after the initial project build had concluded.

Placer County Film Office

Unlike ACS Training center who needed a reimagined, user-friendly website upgrade, Placer County Film Office needed a website built from scratch specifically for their film permitting services. They requested that Dedicated Designs create something that could make location research and film permitting more accessible for potential clients but that was separated from their former services that were previously hosted on a government website.

We started the process by seeking to understand the problems with the permitting functions when they were hosted on the government website. We discovered that hyperlinks went to phone numbers and PDFs that were sometimes confusing and time-consuming for users. To remedy this problem, we chose to integrate permitting functions to the new website itself. Now clients can access a consolidated permit process where they can complete their application and upload any required information and documents.

Besides streamlining the permitting process, we also spent a great deal of time optimizing the website with the most up-to-date web practices available so that the extensive amount of video on the site didn’t cause slow speeds or loading times. The structure of the backend features was extremely important from image size all the way to integral coding optimization, and we maintained communication with their team the entire time to ensure they received the customer service and individualized attention they deserved. 

To make sure everything was as organized as possible, we reorganized data sets, created a specific data host, and performed a conversion from their previously used Coppermine photo gallery to a custom-built WordPress website. This data conversion process went through many steps which you can read in the full case study, and was one of the more data-intensive website designs we have done in the recent past.

The team at the Placer County Film Office worked with us cooperatively throughout the process providing continual feedback to our team. The result of our partnership was a beautiful and functional website that will draw filmmakers to the gorgeous Sierra Nevada foothills for years to come, and we were proud to be a part of that legacy.

For the look of the site, we chose copy, color scheme, and typeface that mirrored the brand identity and feel of the organization. We utilized beautiful footage of filming locations across the county along with colors, type, and copy that represented the welcoming demeanor of the county’s residents. By combining fun yet stunningly beautiful design elements, we successfully created an inviting digital environment to help the Placer County Film Office attract new filmmakers and others in the film industry. 

Another successful part of this project was our creating of an easy-to-use location directory so that filmmakers could search for film locations quicker and easier. Each entry in the directory included a photo of the specific location along with its name, address, and contact information so that potential interested parties could contact the office for the proper permits when needed. We made sure to properly identify each image on the site so that location accuracy was accurate as well. Together all of these updates were only a small part of the services we provided, and we are grateful to be able to work alongside the Placer County Film Office to build a dynamic new site. 

Due to this incredible collaboration, the Placer County Film Office website was a winner for the 2024 website category of the California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) Awards. The CAPIO recognizes public sector communicators across all levels of government and rewards mediums that communicate government efforts and resources in an approachable and transparent manner. 

Center for Post Traumatic Growth

The Center for Post-Traumatic Growth, a nonprofit organization who helps first responders and veterans cope and heal from their injuries, approached us for a site rebuild. Their website was previously very outdated and managed by their current staff members and volunteers, many of whom didn’t know how to effectively manage a growing site on the WordPress platform. We wanted to complete this project in an  efficient manner since we very much believe in supporting non-profits, so our Sacramento marketing agency built them an entirely new website within 45 days!

We decided to start by redesigning their site to be more functional for the average user. We chose to present information in a more stylistic way, made the site much more mobile friendly, and developed a better way to accept donations through the website itself. Before beginning the project, we studied our client’s brand and created a new aesthetic that paired a modern vibe and a streamlined message. Not only that, but we worked hand in hand with our client to keep the conversation going throughout the process.

One of the main goals of online marketing for a nonprofit is for people to make a donation at the end of the interaction, so we also made sure to optimize the site’s performance on both mobile and desktop devices as well. We also used banners, quotes, and strategic placement to ensure that donors could easily see and access a variety of donation options online. We are extremely proud of the work we did for the Center for Post-Traumatic Growth and impressed by all of the hardworking individuals there who are helping so many in our community. 

A Sacramento Marketing Company for Everyone

No matter what kind of work our clients do in the community, we are committed to providing them with high quality, equitable, and friendly service in a cooperative, team-focused setting. If you’re searching for web design in Sacramento and are ready to revamp a tired, outdated site, or dive into the world of digital marketing for the first time, reach out to our Sacramento marketing agency today by calling (916) 243-5003 or utilizing the form on our website. We can’t wait to work with you!

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