Placer County Film Office Website Built By Dedicated Designs Featured on CBS News

Jan 22, 2024 | News, Website Services

Placer County Film - Web Design

The Placer County Film website built by Dedicated Designs was featured on CBS News in January. Read the full article below

Your home in a starring role: How your property can be scouted by film industry professionals

Originally Posted by CBS News Sacramento

Could your home be the next set of a major motion picture? The Placer County Film Office is rallying residents to submit their homes and businesses to their online location library.

The portal allows for residents to upload their county property, adding pictures and descriptions of the location. Upon approval by the film office, these locations can be scouted by film industry professionals.

Gloria Stearns, Placer County’s economic development director, says the county’s wide-ranging terrain can make it an ideal backdrop for filmmakers.

“Within one day you could be in a couple of different climates just by being in one county,” Stearns said.

When interested parties come knocking, Juli Johnston, Placer County’s film office liaison connects residents with film crews. If selected, residents and filmmakers can negotiate with assistance from the Placer County Film Office.

Residents don’t need to live in a mansion to make the cut. From cabins to coffee shops, location scouts often are searching for a wide array of spots.

“It could be a dilapidated house, it could be a barn… one acre, two acres, three acres, wooded areas… anything like that we’re looking for,” Johnston said.

The county has already been the site for iconic commercials and feature films like the 1996 blockbuster, “Phenomenon,” and the 2002 film, “XXX.”

“The more locations we can have in our database, the more attractive it is to these location managers,” Stearns said.

Anyone can upload photos and descriptions of their county property here on the Placer County Film Office website.

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