How To Stand Out on “Google My Business”

Feb 18, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Marketing Tips

Stand Out on Google My Business

For local businesses, what shows up on Google when people search for your business or industry is often just as important as what is on your website. That is because customers can do basically everything they can do on your website, on Google, without ever visiting your site. Customers can get directions, call, order online, view your menu and see all of the reviews without leaving Google. Your Google My Business profile is important to the success of your business., At Dedicated Designs, we have extensive experience not only in designing effective and functional websites, but also in helping to make your company stand out above the rest on Google My Business.


Marketing Experts with Google My Business Support Training

The marketing expertise that we offer here at Dedicated Designs means you always have Google My Business support since we are a Google certified marketing company. While we are located near Sacramento, California, we are easily able to serve businesses across the country with both our web design and marketing services. We are a full scale marketing agency that can function remotely. No matter where your company is located, we can help improve your business, whether you’re right next door or all the way across the nation!


Rise Above the Crowd with Professional Web Design Services

When looking how to stand out on Google My Business, there are several things you want to pay careful attention to, and at Dedicated Designs, we can always provide Google My Business support when you need it most. Follow these tried and true tips for setting yourself apart in the best possible ways:


Respond to Reviews

It’s important that you positively interact with your customers, and responding to reviews is a simple way to do that. No matter how positive or negative the review, the customer will appreciate a response. Additionally, this type of public communication also allows others to see that you care about your customers and are engaged with every aspect of your business. 


Update your Hours Regularly

It’s especially important to have critical information like your contact information and business hours updated regularly, so that your customers know how to reach you at any given time. When you keep those key details updated, it helps to highlight your company in a good light on your Google My Business account.


Post High Quality Photos

Posting pictures on your Google My Business profile is a way to engage with your customers in a novel way on a new platform. Of course you will already have a variety of pictures on your website, and at Dedicated Designs, we work with expert photographers to ensure that your photos are of the highest quality.

By posting pictures on your Google My Business profile, you will also attract customers who may have not clicked on your website yet, and on Google My Business, you can show them featured discounts, specials, employee spotlights, and so much more. It’s just another way to show Google and the virtual community that you are invested in your company and your positive interaction with customers. 


Include Your Menu

If you run a café, coffee shop, restaurant, brewery, or winery, putting your menu on your Google My Business page will make it easy for new people who are searching for restaurants to find you. Combining a menu with reviews and photos is exceptionally powerful and will definitely make you stand out on Google My Business even moreso. 


Make Sure You Indicate Your Preferred Way To Order

If you are a merchant of some kind, whether selling products or services, it is ideal if you specify your preferred way for clients to order or schedule a service on Google My Business, so that customers know how to interact with you. With great communication more new business will come your way, and indicating your preferred way for customers to request service or place an order means that you will spend less time sorting through communication from across multiple platforms.


Make Sure All of Your Links Are Working

There’s nothing worse than losing a customer due to a broken link, and people have so many options and so little time nowadays, that they don’t typically want to spend the time to contact the business and let you know your link is broken. Yet another reason to choose Dedicated Designs when searching for “web designers near me” is that we always double check all information is accurate and links are current and working so that you never lose a customer because of a website error. If ever you’re posting your own information on Google My Business, you want to check for the same things and make sure all links on that platform are easy to see and working properly.


Google My Business Support from Dedicated Designs

At Dedicated Designs, we are a full-service marketing agency and can provide Google My Business support to our clients both near and far anytime the need arises. Never hesitate to contact us whether you are a new or established client. We are happy to answer any questions regarding how we can best provide Google My Business support to guide you. We will help you stand out on your Google My Business page, interact with your customers in a positive manner, and will assist with bringing new business to your company. 


Reach Out To  Us Today!

Simply fill out our digital form here at your convenience to set up a meeting with one of our friendly web design experts. We can also be reached by calling (916) 243- 5003, and you can take a look at a more extensive overview of the types of services we offer at our website here. We are ready to partner with you to provide Google My Business support and to make your company stand out above the rest!

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