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Dec 6, 0202

CASSW Website Redesign

Objectives of the CASSW Website Redesign Services

California Association of School Social Workers approached the Dedicated Designs team knowing they needed the help of our website redesign services. At the time, their website was out of date, not secure, and had turned into a mix-match of styles and content because of how many different people had edited their website over the years. 

CASSW also did not have simple procedures to post events, have members purchase tickets to events, hold virtual meetings, and manage their membership in terms of collecting money from members each year when membership renewals and dues need to be collected. 

Here’s how the team at Dedicated Designs worked with CASSW to create for them a modern web design that helps their organization run more efficiently. 


Goal 1: Ease of Site Navigation & Lively Design Aspects

Our first goal was to give their website visitors a clear way to navigate the site that is contemporary in design. Their team also needed a way to quickly make updates on the backend when changes needed to be made. 

The Dedicated Designs team took their existing website and simplified the sitemap so that there were fewer pages and information was easier to find. We also added some custom animations to help give the site a feel of approachability and fun.


Goal 2: Simple Event Management 

Simple procedures for event management is an ongoing part of what CASSW needs from their website. We loaded a program on their site that made event management easy and integrated it with their payment processor for a seamless payment process. 

Event management for web redesign example

They could now create individual events with different tickets and allow members to receive a certain discount on tickets that are unavailable for non-members. The event program that our team integrated into their website provides an automated receipt and notification workflow. 

The simplified and automated event management capabilities has saved the team at CASSW a lot of time and took the hassle out of reminding ticket holders that the event is coming up or any special instructions. 

Lastly, we enabled the events creator to be integrated directly with Zoom so that virtual events were easy to plan and schedule. 


Goal 3: Membership and CRM Integration

The Dedicated Designs web team built the membership side of the site to allow members to control certain aspects of their membership so that CASSW was not interrupted with small tasks that could take up a lot of time. We created entire sections of the website that were only accessible to members including a resource share area that has proved to be invaluable to the members. 

Moreover, the CRM that we attached to the website gives detailed information on members including the last time each member logged in and what events they had attended. Any member can be contacted directly from the CRM which makes the management of members much easier because anyone on their team can see what has transpired. 

No more forwarding emails or CCing everyone who needed to see the message. A direct record was kept in the CRM. 

The Dedicated Designs team was also able to set up the member area by region. These exclusive areas only allow people from specific regions to access their regional page. This method helps to create a better sense of community amongst the members. 

Become a member - website addition added

Results of This Website Redesign

Our web team was really excited with how the final version of the website turned out. Moreover, the board of directors echoed that sentiment when they got to use the website and heard the feedback from the membership over the next couple of months.


How Could A Website Redesign Assist Daily Business Tasks? 

If your organization’s website was built years ago, it likely needs an update to load quickly and appear as a modern web design. Beyond aesthetics, your website could be assisting with daily business tasks that can save your team time. If you are interested in full website redesign services or adding functionality such as event management and membership perks reach out to Dedicated Designs today. 

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