Bariani Olive Oil Takes on an Elevated Online Presence

Dec 7, 2023

Bariani Olive Oil Case Study

In Spring 2023, Bariani Olive Oil began working on a full website redesign with Dedicated Designs. Bariani, a California-based, family-owned olive oil company, wanted to elevate their online presence and enhance the functionality of their site as a whole. Their goal was to make learning about Bariani products, and ultimately purchasing them, as intuitive as possible for potential customers visiting the site. 

Creating a Modern Aesthetic for an Existing Website

One of the main reasons Bariani Olive Oil reached out to Dedicated Designs was to elevate the look and feel of their online presence. Their legacy homepage had emphasized the earthy and natural feel of their products. While this reflected the sustainability of their oil products, it didn’t quite communicate the high quality they desired for their brand. 

old homepage from Bariani Olive Oils

The homepage of Bariani Olive Oil before working with Dedicated Designs. 

During the initial client intake meeting, it became clear that Bariani Olive Oil wanted to refine their online look. To achieve this goal, the Dedicated Designs web team created a new homepage and overall front end design for the Bariani website that reflected their new brand objectives and aesthetic preferences.

Bariani Olive Oil New Homepage

The homepage of Bariani Olive Oil after working with Dedicated Designs. 

Simplifying The Online Order Process

One of the major components of the website rebuild involved building a more user-friendly online olive oil product ordering system. The existing website was built and hosted on an outdated content management system that was limited to a less-than-optimal ordering experience for both customers and the client. To streamline this process, the Dedicated Designs web team moved the existing website content and product information over to the most updated version of WordPress and developed a simpler system for ordering, managing, and shipping products with Woocommerce. 

Relocating the website content and data to WordPress enhanced the system’s ability to expand and maintain its own processes compared to the previous system, allowing for further site features to be added down the line with less work required. Additionally, WordPress allows seamless integration into the client’s shipment processing partner – which makes fulfilling orders much easier.

Partnering for Added Success

One of the main challenges in this project was that Dedicated Designs needed to produce completely new product photos for all of Bariani’s products. To do this, we partnered with KJ2 Productions, a Sacramento-based production company, to hold a photo shoot for the various products sold by Bariani Olive Oil. 

For the product photos, it was important that the items were presented to reflect their high-end quality. For this, the production team chose a minimalistic and sleek tone for the product photo shoot. Each product photo features the product in question on a white background to emphasize focus on the product itself. 

Working in tandem with a local media team was a crucial step in the success of this project. At Dedicated Designs, we bring in our local partners into our projects when we know they have an expertise that can add value to the overall project. In this case, working with KJ2 Productions helped the web team at Dedicated Designs incorporate professional photos into the new Bariani Olive Oil website. 

bariani olive oil product photos

A selection of product photos on the Bariani Olive Oil website. 

Enhancing Front End User Experience

Another priority from Bariani Olive Oils was that the site was intuitive to navigate from the first moment on the site to the checkout page. In order to fulfill this goal, the Dedicated Designs team incorporated intuitive navigation tools throughout the site, including drop down menus, clear button hyperlinks, and straightforward copy. 

The web team used all of these measures to ensure that any site user would be able to understand the products at first glance and navigate the site almost immediately. 

location finder for Bariani Olive Oils

The Store Locator function on the Bariani Olive Oil website. 

The Dedicated Designs web team also incorporated a Store Locator to the site so that users could find stores that sell Bariani Olive Oil products throughout the west coast. The function leverages Google Maps and a search function to help the user find the closest available store to their location, or new stores as they take on Bariani products. This capability is incredibly easy to use, and can serve as a helpful resource tool for new or returning customers of Bariani Olive Oils. 

Backend Functionality

In addition to the extensive front end nature of this project, the Dedicated Designs web team also had to complete backend enhancements to ensure that the entire website functioned as required. 

Most importantly, the website’s security was increased by moving to WordPress and can be kept up to date regularly, preventing malicious attacks from spam or attempts to install malware on the website. This action was completed through Dedicated Design’s monthly website hosting abilities, which ensure the backend of every website hosted by Dedicated Designs is up to date, secure, and functioning properly. 

Work with Dedicated Designs

Bariani Olive Oils worked with Dedicated Designs for a full front end website redesign, and received a sleek new website that enhanced and elevated their brand as a whole. If you’re looking for a marketing agency in Sacramento to help you with a website redesign, reach out to Dedicated Designs today by filling out the form below.

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