Quality Leads for a High-Ticket Retail Client Using Google Ads

Aug 8, 2022

Reviewing Leads and Data from Google Advertising

As a digital agency, we have seen e-commerce websites explode in popularity within the last several years. However, companies offering higher ticket items cannot always follow the traditional e-commerce business model. For some of their purchases, people still prefer to view the product in person or talk with a store representative before purchasing. Generating quality leads with Google Ads is a great way to boost order volume for stores selling these types of high-value retail products. 


Quality Behind Google Search Ads Traffic

Google Ads generate high-quality leads because you are targeting phrases that people search on Google. You can get in front of someone who is directly looking for your product! If you are a high-end furniture retail store like some of our clients, you can target keywords like “[product] store near me.” “…near me” searches are some of the most common searches people use when finding local retailers that carry the product they want to purchase.


With Google Search Ads, you can target searchers with positive keywords and block others with negative keywords. As a retail store, keywords like “near me” or “store” add a layer of traffic qualification. Similarly, negative keywords like “free” or “amazon” can prevent your ads from showing to unqualified searches saving you lots of money in unnecessary ad spend.


Turning Digital Ads Traffic Into Leads (Website vs. Landing Page Case Study)

When we onboarded one of our high-end furniture retail store clients, we started driving traffic directly to their main website. As anticipated, not many leads were being generated this way. Unlike landing pages, websites are meant for browsing, not conversions. When people landed on the website after clicking an ad, most would visit the catalog page, then exit the website without taking action. 

Google Ads Conversion Example

Viewing the screenshot above, we see that the main website generated a conversion rate of 7.95%. This means that 8 of every 100 people that clicked on an ad would take some action, either click to call or submit an online form. This conversion rate resulted in a cost per conversion of $66.59.

After we suggested that the client send traffic to a landing page optimized toward generating conversions, the metrics drastically improved. The thought process was that we would have people visit a landing page displaying images of a couple of furniture items. They would submit their contact information to view the entire catalog on the main website. 

Google Ads Conversions after Dedicated Designs Help

Viewing the second screenshot, we can see that even with spending less on Google Ads in 30 days, the account generated more inbound phone calls and online form submissions. This data change is a direct result of the increase in the landing page’s conversion rate. The landing page conversion rate is 17.79%, a 123% increase from the main website. A higher conversion rate dropped their cost per lead to $30.49. Less than half of the previous cost per lead generated. 


Making Sure the Leads Generated are of Quality

We implemented lead and call tracking along with driving ad traffic to a landing page. We do this for a couple of reasons. First, our clients and internal team have proof of the generated conversions and a list of lead contact information. Second, we can send conversion data back to Google Ads for the algorithm to continue learning and improving.


Call Tracking

The call tracking software we use for our high-end retail clients has been a critical factor in the account’s success and ongoing optimizations. With call tracking, we can see which calls are generated from specific keywords, whether a new lead or a repeat caller, and a conversation recording. Our clients can choose whether or not they want the conversations recorded. If they are recorded, most clients use them for staff training, and we use them to optimize the ad account further.


Online Lead Form Tracking

Like call tracking, online lead form tracking is another powerful tool for high-ticket retail clients. As explained earlier, we used a landing page and a form to act as a gate between the main website catalogs. People who want to access the catalog enter basic information, such as their name, phone number, and email. Moreover, we’ve found that an additional field in the form helps further qualify the lead and give valuable information to the sales team. In this instance, our additional field is:

What best describes you?

  • I need [product] ASAP
  • I’m looking to purchase in 1 to 3 months
  • I’m looking to purchase in 3+ months
  • I’m just looking

This additional field helps the sales representative find the best way to start the conversation when they reach out to the lead. Depending on their place in the buyer cycle, it also allows the client to place the lead in the correct email flow. 

Lastly, this helps our clients generate lists of emails that can be used later to email future deals to stay at top of mind for the customer while they determine where to purchase their new product. 


List of Important Metrics

  • 123% increase in conversion rate from a website to a landing page in the actual client case study shown above.
  • 50% decrease in the cost per lead from a website to a landing page in the actual client case study conducted above.
  • Cost per lead is $30 to gain an $8,000 sale.

If you are interested in generating high-quality leads with Google Ads for your high-value retail product, we’d be happy to discuss if the ad platform is right for you. Please contact us by filling out our contact form or by emailing marketinghelp@dedicateddesigns.com, and we will respond to you quickly.

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