Company Logo Design for a San Francisco-based Restaurant Franchise

Nov 19, 2022

Logo and Branding For SF Franchise

Name Recognition

West Coast Sourdough is now a strong and profitable deli chain. But, when the Dedicated Designs team first started working with them, they were just an idea. While considering concepts for their company logo design, the owners expressed that they wanted to tap into the nostalgia of the iconic west coast feeling while also leaning into the quality of sourdough bread that is well known to come out of San Francisco – without actually using “San Francisco” in the name.

The name, West Coast Sourdough, was already decided and the business owners had a rough idea of what they wanted, but they knew that they needed the help of an experienced, professional company logo creator to refine the concept and bring it to life. The brand owners wanted to include the Golden Gate Bridge in the logo but were not sure on the orientation of the name with the icon, the font choice, and the actual icon of the bridge itself – which proved to be the hardest part of the project. 


Conveying a Brands Message with Imagery

West Coast Sourdough has high quality ingredients for its sandwiches, salads, and soups. While they are direct competitors with other sandwich chains they see themselves a cut above the rest because of the ingredients they source and the atmosphere they have at each location. To us, we thought that an ingredient, sandwich, salad or soup would not make it to a customer were it not high quality. Given this, we felt the logo should represent a seal of approval. 

If a product has this seal, any customer would know it would be high quality. This is where the circular design came from. The two stars located on the left and right sides of the seal are a subtle nod to Northern California culture. The star has become a well known symbol of Northern California and our team thought it would add a nice touch to the logo. We selected a font that feels sophisticated and coastal, but not pretentious. It is strong, confident, and reads well on any medium

The bridge imagery took the most time because the bridge had to be detailed enough to be recognizable, but not too minimal that it would not pair well with all of the other design elements. We went through a few iterations as part of our creative process. Versions that had just one of the towers, versions that showed both. Versions that showed the entire bridge as if viewing directly from the side and versions that were more head on. Some versions we outlined in black others we did not. It took a lot of thought and time to get it just right but what we came up with is gorgeous and the owners love it even years later. 


A Few Logo Mockups

Company logo design mockups

As with any logo, we created multiple versions for all screen types, uses and orientations. When West Coast Sourdough developed their app we helped them ensure the branding was spot on and that the app icon held the integrity of their brand identity that we had developed. 


Brand Identity Recognition 

The logo we developed for West Coast Sourdough has become well known and easily identifiable. All of their company branded shirts, business cards, cups, wrappers, catering boxes, and even the lighted sign above all locations are consistent with the brand identity that anchors from their well-designed logo. 


Finalized Horizontal Logo

Sourdough and Co Finalized Horizontal Logo


Finalized Square Logo

Finalized Square Logo

The thoughtful company logo design and following brand identity strategy has helped the company to establish themselves as a high quality brand within the fast casual dining space and open 35 locations as of the date of this case study. 


Graphic Design Services from a Trusted Group of Professional Marketers

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