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Feb 28, 2022 | SEO, Website Services

Blog Writing and Organic Marketing

Your blog is your brand voice or ambassador. That’s how web searchers who visit your website for the first time see it. As a brand voice, your blog should be of exceptional quality and optimized with the best SEO best practices. At Dedicated Designs, we have everything from an in-house team of talented storytellers to sophisticated software and hard metrics that you need for the best blog content on your site. Content that fulfills the needs of your audience and the overall objectives of your business takes time and experience to create.  A Dedicated Designs blog and email copy first start with data. We then employ analytics tracking and industry knowledge to determine what works or can work based on historical results. We dig deeper into searcher intent then collaborate with your team of company professionals to pool together topics that are most relevant based on current searcher intent.   From there, we embark on a content strategy and marketing campaign centered on your key themes, marketing objectives, and target audience. We then focus on publishing the right blog content at the right moment for your target market. Our approach to content is that if it doesn’t support your brand image, then we won’t create it. 

Blog Content Strategy That Meets Your Business Goals

Blog articles, email copy, and social media posts are components of the top-of-funnel that help capture web traffic, boost your brand image, and address customer problems. Prospects have questions that need to be answered. Good-quality blogs, email copy, and social media posts are meant to answer them. If done right, the ideal content management and promotion strategy should serve as the magnet to your sales funnel. That’s why our blog content writing process covers every aspect of your business goals. Every blog post has a dollar amount attached to it. So our goal is to bring as many returns as possible. Before we set out to create a blog post or email copy, we research the industry, the current and emerging trends, hot topics, keywords, audience segments, and different perspectives to use. Our expert content writers employ various content creation tools, including Google Analytics, SEMrush, Moz, MarketMuse, BuzzSumo, and other SEO tools. 

Flexible Blogging Packages Tailored for You

Dedicated Designs is a full-service digital marketing services provider. This means that we cover every aspect of content creation and offer all-around blogging, copywriting, and email marketing services. Working with Dedicated Designs means you’ll be working with content marketing strategists and SEO experts with extensive knowledge of the digital marketing ecosystem. Our professional team will assist you in creating a plan that incorporates blogs, email copy, social media posts, and other elements of content creation. What’s more, our blogging packages are not one-size-fits-all rigid contracts. We employ a digital marketing strategy that can adapt and evolve with the changing trends. We also customize each package to fit your business goals and customer needs.

Blog Content Promotion

A good blog content strategy shouldn’t stop at content creation. Once you’ve posted the best quality content on your website, your audience needs to be informed of its existence. That’s where promotion is needed. It’s also another area where Dedicated Designs excel best.  We have a dedicated project management team to promote your content using the most lucrative channels. Such channels include email marketing, social media posts, and paid ads.  Regardless of which plans you have for promoting your content, we have the expertise and tools needed to help. Our experienced social media team, consultants, and technical specialists can ensure your content is made available in the right places so prospects can find it when they need it.

Why Work With Us?

At Dedicated Designs, we utilize blogs as a strategic approach to inbound marketing and generating ROI. Your business needs to realize growth, and Dedicated Designs can help you build your brand as an industry expert. From blog writing and website optimization to newsletters, email campaigns, social media marketing, and utilizing graphics and videos, we have what you need to build a successful website with rich content. Want to learn more? Send us a message or call us at (916) 243-5003 today to get started!

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