Google Ads – Why & When To Use Them

Episode 1

How To Grow Your Sales Series

Webinar Summary

Watch this exclusive webinar with our CEO Joshua Hanosh. Tailored for business owners and CMOs, this webinar will provide you with actionable steps to flip the script on your company’s marketing approach and drive more sales through Google’s paid advertising platform. This is part one of a new series designed to deliver valuable insights and bite-sized ideas to enhance your marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gather key insights and take your online advertising efforts to the next level!

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Key Takeaways

Google Ads Can Target Your Specific Customers

Google Ads offers significant benefits by enabling precise targeting of ideal customers compared to social media ads or billboards. With Google Ads, businesses can leverage keyword targeting, negative keywords, location settings, and user behavior data to reach potential customers actively searching for their products or services. This highly focused approach ensures that marketing efforts are directed at individuals with demonstrated interest, resulting in higher conversion rates and better return on investment. Unlike broad-reaching billboards or less specific social media ads, Google Ads delivers personalized and timely messages to the right audience, enhancing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Spending Smart With Your Advertising Budget

When using Google Ads, it’s essential to start with a minimum budget to ensure efficient spending and to understand the platform’s dynamics before scaling up. Careful budget management helps businesses avoid unnecessary costs while identifying the most effective keywords and strategies for their target audience. Smart campaigns, while convenient and automated, often lack the precision and customization required for optimal performance. They may not always align perfectly with specific business goals, leading to less effective ad placements and lower return on investment. By manually managing campaigns, businesses can tailor their ads more closely to their unique needs, ensuring better targeting, control, and overall effectiveness.

Use Landing Pages When You Run Your Google Ads

Using landing pages for Google Ads is highly advantageous because it creates a focused and direct pathway for visitors, leading to higher conversion rates. Unlike general webpages, landing pages are specifically designed with a single, clear call to action (CTA), such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing a product, or filling out a contact form. This targeted approach minimizes distractions, guiding visitors towards completing the desired action without the interference of unrelated content. Additionally, well-crafted landing pages can include persuasive elements such as compelling headlines, concise information, and strategically placed forms, making it easier for potential customers to engage and convert, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the ad spend.

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