The Role of Color Psychology in Branding your Business

Aug 11, 2022 | Branding

Does being out in nature, among trees make you feel calm? Does the color red elicit an excited or maybe, alarmed response? In this article we discuss the role of color psychology and how, as a brand strategy agency, Dedicated Designs uses color theory to evoke positive responses. 


What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the study of how color affects people’s mood and behavior. Marketing and advertising strategists use the psychology of color to evoke certain emotional responses to products, services, and brand image. Several studies have determined that 75-90% of consumers make decisions based on color


How Brand Strategy Agencies use Color Theory

Professional logo designers and brand strategy agencies use color theory when designing logos that resonate with a brand’s target audience. Having a strong visual identity is essential when crafting a memorable brand

Did you know that blue denotes trust and reliability? Insurance companies notoriously are branded in shades of blue. The color blue can also be associated with cleanliness or purity. Dental practices and Medical facilities are more often than not, branded blue. 

Think about Coca-Cola. A pure red perfectly fits in with their positive, exciting and energetic marketing. It has been said that they sell Coca-Cola as “Happiness in a bottle” and that they owe their success largely to their successful branding more than anything else. 

Another note on the color red, is that it creates a sense of urgency. It makes you want to take action. Which is why it is often used for sale or clearance signage.


Color Theory used in Company Logo Design

Color psychology is something our brand identity designers always consider when they embark on creating a logo or new design project. Here are a few examples of logos designed with color theory in mind: 


Auburn Chamber of Commerce Logo

The Auburn Chamber of Commerce logo needed to incorporate its rich history in a friendly and approachable way. The City of Auburn was established as a gold mining town. Auburn is also a mountainous area with an abundance of trees. Green and yellow were obvious choices, however, the wrong shade could completely change the message.

This is the finalized Auburn Chamber of Commerce logo: 

Auburn Chamber of commerce Logo - Green

Now compare this same logo design, but in a different shade of green: 

Auburn Chamber of commerce Logo - Dark Green

Pretty different, right? It almost feels a little cold. The warmer green color of the final Auburn Chamber of Commerce logo is more inviting and is more relatable to a community-centered organization. 


Burger Valuations Inc. Logo

Burger Valuations Inc. is another great example of using color psychology when building a brand identity into a company logo design. The client wanted a very simple three component design. He knew that he wanted blue and shades of black and gray. The new company that he was launching was in the commercial real estate appraisal industry. 

This is the finalized Burger Valuations Inc. logo: 

Burger Valuation Consultants logo

Blue is a great choice for the new commercial real estate company, as it is a color that inspires trust. This medium toned, slightly muted blue isn’t cold in the least. It has a good amount of warmth. This is desirable, because it goes along with wanting to be seen as trustworthy. 

The shades of gray offer a professional touch without the harshness of black. Often, very dark grays or soft blacks, as they’re often called, are used in the place of pure black. This is because pure black can be unapproachable in the wrong context. 

Let’s look at this logo with pure black and a colder shade of blue:

Burger Valuation - Darker Logo

The subtle shift in both the shades of blue and gray have made the logo feel much more serious and might we add, stiff or less approachable. All things we would want to avoid when building a welcoming brand identity.


The Best Branding Agencies Know Color Psychology

Have you thought about how color has influenced your own purchasing decisions? Does your current branding best reflect you and your company’s values? 

Reach out to one of the best branding agencies in the Sacramento area, Dedicated Designs, and we will help you create or update a brand identity that inspires your employees and target audience alike. 

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