Strategies for Marketing Franchises with the Help of Professional Services

Jun 1, 2022 | Digital Marketing

The US had an estimate of 753,700 franchises in 2020. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Ace Hardware are well-known examples of franchise establishments that can thrive if marketed well. In a country where franchise competition is the order of the day, it is imperative to be visible. Digital marketing can help your franchises get recognition and earn revenue from targeted customers. This is where the importance of marketing franchises comes in. 

The solutions offered through digital marketing bring about benefits such as lead generation, sales, and high ROIs. However, online marketing for franchises only makes sense when executed by a reputable franchise marketing agency that knows how to leverage each strategy for maximum results. 

The following marketing strategies are vital in giving your franchises the market exposure they deserve. 


Important Strategies to Consider when Marketing Franchises

1. Build websites and SEO content plans that work together in synergy.

Website creation and SEO go hand-in-hand because you have to optimize your franchise’s website to rank well on the Search Engine Result Pages. How you incorporate SEO in your website determines how your franchise locations will rank organically on Google, Bing, and other search engines. 

A well-crafted website contains relevant and valuable information, loads quickly, guarantees user safety and is easy to use, as well as mobile-friendly. SEO is effective in attracting quality traffic that converts. It is critical to build a website that communicates to users through detailed product or service pages, easy-to-find contact information, and clear calls to action. 

Each franchisee’s website and content should align with the franchisor’s goals and the established brand image. An experienced franchise marketing agency will make sure the website and SEO content strategy supports the brand, highlight benefits of doing business with the establishment, and won’t overstep into another franchise location’s geographical reach. 


2. Cultivate social media accounts that showcase unique location highlights.

Franchise digital marketing is not complete without social media, a powerful branding and messaging tool for franchises. Some people visit social media pages before buying from franchises. 

Ensure each franchise’s information is up-to-date on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Consider using visual posts with clear messaging. It is important to follow conversations, reply to reviews (both positive and negative), and otherwise engage with your audience. Likewise, monitor social media engagement and your brand’s reputation on social platforms to foster growth by improving the non-performing areas. 


3. Manage ad-spend to increase a broad reach and localize targeting.

This strategy of using sponsored links on search engines works magic because it can instantly bring your listing to the top of search engine results. It is a quick way to boost site traffic and increase sales because users who click on ads are likely to have already made up their minds about making a purchase. Additionally, it is economical because you only pay for clicked ads. 

Since search engines prioritize high-quality ads, it is important to know that your adverts are well optimized for their targets. A quality franchise marketing agency will ensure that your ad not only appeals to the eye, it reaches your intended audience. 


4. Provide corporate and location-centered resources that promote the brand image.

Despite being overshadowed by digital marketing as of late, print marketing still has its core role in marketing franchises. The use of printed marketing materials such as menus, brochures, promotional flyers, and signage on all your local franchises can persuade even the most indecisive to purchase. The graphic elements of printed marketing materials promote the brand’s identity to locals within their region. 


5. Offer solutions to streamline marketing processes.

Having clear business goals for multi-location organizations is a key component of optimal performance. Clear guidelines about your brand’s identity and how to represent the brand well is essential for multiple locations appearing cohesive to the customer.

Distributing a branding guide that displays proper use of the logo, font styles, color schemes, and other pertinent information will help franchise owners represent the brand according to your marketing strategy. 


6. Employ local marketing strategies to build each location’s voice.

Sponsoring local events is one way of creating brand awareness. A referral program that includes customer rewards such as discounts is also an often-used tactic for winning and retaining clients. 

Be sure to keep business listings such as Google My Business up to date for each storefront. The information on business directories is important for SEO as well as providing contact details to customers. It should be easy for people to find your franchise location and view needed details such as their exact location on a map, phone number, and hours of operation. 

When holidays come up it is highly advised to either confirm the business is open or mark those hours as closed. A marketing company that regularly works with franchise owners can help you to make all of this happen like clockwork. 


Create a Successful Support System for Your Franchise Business Owners

Support your franchise business owners with the marketing tools, strategy, and implementation they need today. Partnering with the finest in the franchise marketing industry can enable you to accomplish these goals.

At Dedicated Designs we are a professional marketing team that helps build and maintain franchise brand identity, messaging, and promotional reach. We have a track record of success in driving leads to franchise locations. Simply reach out to us today to learn more about how we work with franchise brands to get the best ROI on their marketing budget. 

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