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Nov 25, 2022

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The Impact of Branded Packaging

The food industry is a highly competitive market and any edge you can get on your competitors is important. No possible customer interaction should be left to chance. Each should be carefully thought out and orchestrated so that customers take the desired action you want them to take. This applies just as much as the quality of operations and food as it does to the packaging. 

For example, Chipotle spends a lot of money on their bags and cups because it is one more touch they have with the customer. Chipotle takes this opportunity to talk about how awesome they and their food are. Taco Bell has done this with their hot sauce packets, creating a fun and intriguing mood with unexpected, changing copy. 

Any amount of positive feelings that can be cultivated enhances the experience of eating and the actual taste of the food according to the latest studies in psychology. Plus, if done properly, packaging becomes an extension of the brand and customers will actually start to look forward to looking over the packaging because it is built into the experience of eating the food. 


West Coast Sourdough Deli Packaging

West Coast Sourdough Deli came to us when they only had one location and we designed their logo, website, in-store murals, and other marketing materials. After they had successfully opened 10 locations they were ready to refine a few pieces of the business that they had not given much attention to. 

One of those aspects was the box that catering orders were delivered in. Long story short, they needed a massive overhaul to match the quality of the brand we created for them and the food they serve. 

Because their growth was so quick, this San Francisco-based restaurant franchise naturally went with quick solutions for a few small details. This meant that they chose generic clear containers when needing to solve the problem of what to deliver catering orders in. However, they quickly realized that these containers could be small marketing vessels that lead to more business later and improved the experience of customers who ordered their catered food. 

West Coast Sourdough had a few designs in mind and the Dedicated Designs team took what the client wanted and created something functional, interactive and eye-catching. One of the first obstacles we had to overcome was designing a box that looked incredible in different states. The box would fold one way for delivery but would fold open to allow for people to grab the sandwiches. 


Catering Box Design

Packaging Design Plans for Catering Box and Branding

This interactivity is a fun little addition to the catering experience and is memorable because it is unique. Moreover, we branded the box in such a way as to be interactive. Various QR codes, images and social icons are found throughout the outside of the box encouraging people to share their experience on social media or to follow along online.

The design of the box centered around West Coast’s circular logo. It is located on the top of the box for all to see, and as the box is folded it turns into the highest point of the box which allows it to still be the centerpiece of the design. No part of the box went unbranded as you can see by how designed the interior of the box with smaller logos. 


No Corner Left Undone

Lastly, we used all sides of the box as little billboards that touted the high-quality ingredients that West Coast Sourdough uses in their sandwiches. As mentioned before we included social media accounts so people could follow along online and post their meals so their friends and family could see the awesome food they were eating. All of this from branded packaging that draws attention. 

Catering Box Inside Product

Catering Box for Branding Inside


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